TCfreestyle Sportbike Fairing Stay

TCfreestyle StaysDSC_4944-2DSC_4924TCfreestyle 2009-2012 Kawasaki ZX6r Fairing Stay. 

Since I have started  riding  sport bikes in 2004 I have spent lots of time and lots of money trying to create a great setup for my motorcycles. The goal for me is to have a products that are strong, durable, quality and lightweight. The danger level is high when you ride the way I like to and this is why I only use products that I believe in, have tested and approve. I seek quality and functionality even more when it comes to the products with my name on them, like my signature series exhaust from Two Brothers Racing or sprockets from 5th Gear Sprockets and now the TCfreestyle Fairing Stays.

Kit Specs:

  • Water jet cuts of  1/8” aluminum
  • Tig welded
  • Top cross support has a mount that is GoPro camera mount optional.
  • OEM tachometer and headlight mounts
  •  1/8″ Steel rolled windscreen support
  • 1/8″ Aluminum mirror block off’s with hardware
  • Powder coated finish.
  • Total weight 1.5 lbs (Equivalent to the OEM Kawasaki stay)

Strong enough to take some abuse and light enough for racing.  – $299

Currently the 2009-2012 Kawasaki ZX6R is the only stay we make but more are on the way soon.

If you are interested in purchasing individual pieces (windscreen support, mirror block offs) feel free to contact me here ->  Contact Me

Available on my online store TCfreestyle Store

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Two Brothers Racing is offering Holiday Savings!

Two Brothers Racing is giving you a chance to save some dough this Holiday season! Check out what they have to offer:

Let the holiday savings begin! Two Brothers Racing is offering  deals on everything we make!

Why stop the Cyber deals on Monday? We are just getting started!

Shop this ENTIRE WEEK and enter the coupon code: ” CYBERTBR ”  at checkout to get free shipping and no tax on your purchase.

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Tony Carbajal’s TCfreestyle partners up with Self Killers Industries


Dan Hernandez 520-390-9794 cell


For Immediate Release


San Diego, CA (July 23, 2012)–World class sport bike stunter, Tony Carbajal, has joined the ranks of Self Killers Industries. He has officially become an athlete of the action sports team, appropriately dubbed the Self Killers Squad. Self Killers Industries is formulating the reputation of being a big supporter of action sports and its athletes. The companyʼs vision is to bring a wide array of action sports together under one brand. They are currently sponsoring athletes to represent the SK brand with current members including pro MMA fighters, Nick Piedmont and Chad Dietmeyer whom fight under GC Management out of Alliance MMA in Chula Vista, CA. They are now pleased to announce that Tony Carbajal will be joining the team as the companyʼs first sport bike stunt rider.

“Weʼre very excited to have Tony join the team,” stated SK founder Dan Hernandez. Tony Carbajal is a well respected stunt rider with great companies backing him such as Icon, Two Brothers Racing, and Rokform to name a few. Tony Carbajal is a Southern California based stunt rider, he not only performs in the United States, but the world. “Tony will undoubtedly be a huge asset to our company and I think Tony is equally as excited as we are on the new partnership,” Dan went on to say. “This has really been a huge year for us. Weʼve recently partnered up with the XDL Championship Series to co- sponsor the 2012 season. So having Tony join the team in the same year is really a huge step in the right direction for us.”

Tony Carbajal states “I am excited to be a new member of the SK team! I’m looking forward to teaming up and contributing to the growth of the SK brand.”

Tony Carbajal can found on the web at:

For wholesale info or any sales inquires, please contact Dan Hernandez at

Self Killers Industries on the web: 

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Equipping my 2012 Kawasaki ZX6R with a Full System Two Brothers Racing Exhaust

One of the first things I do to all my new bikes is change the exhaust. It drops weight adds power, style and a sound that people remember.

So far I have finished one new bike for 2012 and soon will be giving my 2009 a whole new makeover.

Installing the Two Brothers Racing Black Series Exhaust was a must for this beast. It has the looks but needed some extra power. This System drops 16 pounds of weight from the stock system and provides a max gain of 9 extra raging ponies.

I have walked through and watched these systems being made in the TBR where house. So much precision and quality engineering goes into each exhaust. They don’t only work great they look and sound great too.

In the latest video I install the system onto my new ICON bike and take it out for a little parking lot session.

I skipped the header install part of the video because its a tight work area and a longer process.

More info on the Kawasaki ZX6R TBR exhaust can be found here:     Kawasaki/TBR Exhaust

Or by visiting

Check out the video 

Check out some Manufacturing at Two Bros Racing 

Just a short blog this time around because I am headed out to perform at the New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville NJ.

You can catch Myself and Kyle Rapport performing there May 12th for the Rolex Grand AM series and again May 19th for Rally Cross.

More info is available at 

Let the journey begin 

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Long Beach Grand Prix’s Thunder Thursday 2012

 Every year the Long Beach Grand Prix association and Downtown Long Beach put together a huge block party to kick off the weekend of Grand Prix Racing in the streets of Long Beach California.

It’s quite a night with an estimated 10,000 people filling Pine st. and Broadway.  This was my 4th year performing for this event and each year it gets bigger and better. This night is the “Tecate Thunder Thursday”

The night started off with some Freestyle Motorcross from the Monster Energy FMX team. Our Sportbike Freestyle shows followed with Kyle Rapport and myself. The Pit Stop competition and the modeling contest.

                                   The guys from GoPro Cameras came out and mounted some cameras to capture the action. 

Team Adretti Racing’s Go Daddy driver James Hinchcliffe and RC Cola driver Marco Andretti were out for the pit stop competition and some media time.

Everyone was there to work, but we all had fun doing it.

I wouldn’t mind trading vehicles with this team for a day or two.. or three.

Then Monster Energy FMX crew contributed to the Thunder on Thursday when they started their show.

The FMX crew brought lots of style with them.

Rich Kerns was throwing down some big tricks.

Just about time for us to do our thing. This was my brand new bike I had just finished and maybe my third time riding it.

Del Amo Motorsports and Shinko tires hooked up some of these awesome tires that made for a great show.

No Hands

No feet

The night ended in a big smokey burnout and turned into a fiery inferno within my bikes bodywork. (My own fault. When i put the bike together I routed some oil lines incorrectly, creating to much pressure. This eventually blew out the valve cover gaskets and ignited on the hoot exhaust)

A bunch of awesome friends worked fast to put the flames out and the bike had very minor cosmetic damage.  The crowd loved it and it made for a great photo.

Durring the show we gave away a bunch of Icon Motorsports Swag. After the show we had a line down the street ready for autographed posters, hats, t-shirts and photos.

Kyle looking Krazy as ever with myself and some of the Fasttrak Insurance girls.

Check out this awesome video Kyle put together from this wild night in Long Beach

Big thanks to: Long Beach Grand Prix and Downtown Long Beach for having us.

                            Kyle Rapport for coming out and putting on another great show with me (Sorry i didn’t end up with any photos of you.)

                         Martin Salsberry

                         Fasttrak Insurance

                          Del Amo Motorsports

                         Icon Motorsports

                         Two Brothers Racing

                         Shinko Tires

                          The Monster FMX team

                       Everyone that came out

                       Join me on Facebook by clicking the Icon to follow my next adventure:  

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2012 Kawasaki ZX6R Sportbike Freestyle Build

Welcome friends! For 2012 I teamed up with a handful of great companies to build one of the ultimate freestyle sport bikes. The end result is a machine capable of delivering some asphalt shredding entertainment. The “Icon Motorsports Roughcut Bike”

Check out my build and see more action shots on my Facebook page by clicking on the Icon ==> 

Check out the build from start to finish.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The Kawasaki Ninja zx6r is born.

Nothing stays stock for long. Time to transform this machine. 

We started by  taking this perfectly good motorcycle and disassymbling it for a fresh coat of powdercoat to the frame wheels swing arm and more. B&B powdercoating is the place to go for all custom powdercoating. We added some CTSmoto front brake rotors. Pure eye candy for most riders due to the fact that these are no longer available.

Once powdercoat was complete we worked on adding some aftermarket accessories to drop weight.

Hotbodies Racing sent out a new set of their bodywork to get rid of everything we didn’t need on the bike and drop some weight. Not to forget give the bike a killer new look.

We started by installing a full system TC black series exhaust from Two Brothers Racing. With the new full system we dropped a significant amount of weight and bumped up the power by almost 8 horsepower.

Next step was beefing things up to withstand the abuse of stunt riding. My good friend Neil worked his magic and made a subframe that could hold up to just about anything thrown at it. 

The stock tail is strong but can become a hassle when its three pieces. We decided to make 3 into 1 by plastic welding and shaping the tail into one strong piece.

Glenn and Neil are some of the best fabricators in Southern California and they didn’t just stop at the subframe. They chopped the top off my fuel tank, shaped it to my liking and relocated the fuel cap to help maintain some fuel capacity.  If your interested in having a subframe or tank done please contact me by clicking ===> Here

 Next step was adding a massive amount of low end torque with the 5th Gear Sprockets 62 tooth sprocket customized just for me.

I wanted more control and height to my bars so I stepped up to the Apex Manufacting Clip-ons. These bars are really universal and have a position for almost any rider. They offer a height adjustment up to 4 inches and a degree option from -9 degrees all the way to +9 degrees.

The GPR stabilizer is a liquid filled gem. I run one on all of my bikes and I swear by it. If I knew then what I know now I could have possibly saved myself a hospital visit and a few pockets full of cash if I had this stabilizer.

We took the stock triple clamp and shaved the stock stabilizer mount and ignition mounts off for a cleaner look and some clearance.

Righteous Stunt Metal  makes an easy pull clutch lever machined out of billet aluminum. After riding with this clutch I don’t want to ride with anything else.

Odi Grips offers a thin walled yet grippy handle bar grip that lets you grip more of the handle bar for better control and stability and help you in all those rough situations. The Odi Bar end prevents the tubes from being chewed up in a crash and gives the bars a clean look.

The bottom lever is the Brembo RCS fully adjustable master cylinder used for my hand brake. It gives me the option of 16×18 or 19×20.

At the rear wheel I have the rear handbrake set-up by HoHey Designs. It includes an oversized rear rotor for more braking power and a mount for a four piston caliper that connects with the Brembo master up at the hand controls.

All the brake lines on this motorcycle were replaced with HEL Performance steel braided lines available through Motoheaven.

Righteous Stunt Metal steps up their engineering and came out with a revolutionary new passenger peg assembly. This thing is solid. Machined out of aluminum it keeps the parts lightweight and the best part about it is that the peg is adjustable front to back and up and down. So just like the Apex bars you can find that position that works best for you.

Htmoto is one of my sponsors that also revolutionized a product to cater to us stunt junkies. They restructure our seats by cutting holes for out feet, installing some high density foam to withstand the abuse and provide a more solid foundation to jump and stand on. The seats are covered with a non skid material and stitched with a red stitching to match my bikes style.

HTmoto also offers a hydro turf material that provides amazing traction for the surface of the fuel tank. This helps to keep me locked in on the tank while standing and sitting. It also makes for great traction on the tail section.

The bikes Hotbodies Racing bodywork was then wrapped with some wicked looking design from the Icon Motorsports crew.

And BOOM! here it is sitting in the photo booth at the Two Brothers Racing headquarters. First order of business was  to snap some photos of this new fully customized freestyle bike before I went out terrorizing the pavement with it.

I didn’t have much to spare once the bike was finished. It was time to put her to work. 

The bike made its debut in downtown Long Beach CA for the Tecate Thunder Thursday block party to kick off the Grand Prix weekend of racing.

Thank you to all my sponsors that helped make this build possible:

Icon Motorsports

Two Brothers Racing

Hotbodies Racing

GPR Stabilizers

Righteous Stunt Metal


B&B Powdercoating

Apex Manufacturing

HoHey Designs

Impaktech Cages

Odi Grips

5th Gear Sprockets

And everyone that contributed to this build.

Neil & Glenn Dick

Joe Marti

Thanks everyone!

Keep up with me and my adventures by clicking the Facebook icon 

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Long Beach Thunder Thursday





Its that time again folks. Long Beach Grand Prix is bringing us back to perform at their “Thunder Thursday ” Kickoff party.

Street Freestyle, Motorcross Freestyle, live bands, race cars, pit stop competition, model/ bikini contest and more.. With an estimated 10,000 in attendance each year this is definitely an event you don’t want to miss.

Tune in with me on Facebook to follow my event coverage. 

Here are a couple videos from previous years:          


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ROKFORM Mobile Enrichment

RokForm You may have seen me tossing that name around for a while now. If your not familiar with RokForm then you are in the correct place my friends. RokForm is a new division of Two Brothers Racing®,one of the world’s premier aftermarket manufacturers for the powersports industry. It has been their passion, design philosophy, stringent testing and really cool products that firmly planted TBR on the global map with motorcycle enthusiasts. It was only logical to turn this passion towards performance accessories for personal mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

As a freestyle rider I have to make decisions on which products I choose to use to add performance, provide safety and more. Therefore I only use quality components that work great. I have been using the Two Brothers Racing performance exhaust and fuel controllers for just about my entire career as a motorcycle rider. I have tested and witnessed the quality and precision that comes out of the TBR headquarters. So you can expect nothing less than another “Absolute Top Level” product to come from them. This product is RokForm.

Lets face it these phones don’t run cheap. Have you ever dropped your phone? We all have and if you haven’t … well I’m sorry to say it but you will eventually. The investment into a protective case is far less than the costly repairs or replacement phones.  There are so many cases out there but I have never seen anyone with a case that offers more than just a just limited protection. RokForm offers you far more than intense protection. My cell phone plays a huge role in my day to day life. I’m constantly taking photos, videos, keeping everyone updated via social media, looking up information, working on my motorcycles and more. The Rokform RokBed V3 Case is a lightweight case constructed out of tough polycarbonate that is reinforced in critical areas the Rokbed™ v3 is also one of the most protective iPhone 4/4s cases on the market today, protecting your phone from six directions and available in twelve different colors to match your style.. The Rokbed V3 is more than just a case, it’s a system. The V3 has optional attachments that can make life much easier. Attach your Tripod Adaptor and use the iPhones HD quality camera to capture all types of video and photos. Press in the V3’s magnetic grip and place your phone on a convenient magnetic surface. On the toolbox to read info, play music or just keep it out of the way. Stick it to the fridge while you make a grocery list or slap it onto a brand new mustang and Kawasaki zx6r and take grandma for a nice ride. Thats what we did but its not what we reccomend you do. Check out the video below.

The multi-purpose RokMeister clip allows you to clip your iphone in a convenient location or pop the top on your favorite bottled beverage.  The v3 case comes with an RMS system, this is an extended option for mounting in locations that require additional clearance such as a dashboard with tall knobs/buttons. For you cyclist out there RokForm has designed a new RokBed v3 Bike Mount  to securely attach your  phone to your handlebars. Track your progress, get GPS directions, listen to music… Check out the full lineup of RokForm accessories by clicking here ==> RokForm Accessories 

If you are more concerned about maximum protection for your iPhone then be sure to check out the RokForm Rokbed Fuzion case.  This is an extremely durable case. Rokform Fusion is CNC machined from 6061 T-6 aircraft grade aluminum and injection molded polycarbonate. The polycarbonate lower portion quickly snaps in and out of the aluminum but fits snug enough for a safe and secure protective fit. The new case is available in a variety of anodized colors to fit almost any taste. Rokbed Fuzion has been through some abusive  testing. Tested in the hands of kids, dropped, kicked and even ran over.

Of course the Rokform/ TBR crew isn’t stopping there. They have taken these successful designs and offer you protection for your iPod Touch with their RokPod Case.

Also CNC machined from 6061 T-6 Aluminum and anodized in four different colors the RokPod case weighs less than an ounce. Protect your iPod touch from drops and shocks with a RokPod.

“I was simply amazed at what a masterful piece of art and engineering the Rokform folks created… The stand is a true conversation piece and practically every visitor to my office comments on how unique and attractive the Rokstand is.” – Gigaom Review

This is just one of the great things people are saying about the Rokform Rokstands V1 & V2.

The Rokstand supports your iPhone perfectly and is great for watching movies while traveling on an airplane or even just sitting at the desk. Rokstand V1 also works great with iPhone and iPads so rest easy on that airplane trip and watch your favorite movie or read that book on your iPad.

Rokstand V1 :

• 6 angles of adjustment.
• Precision High speed bearing and cam adjustment.
• All CNC machined from Billet 6061 T-6 Aluminum with Anodized finish.
• Soft rubber Contact surface rings provide a soft feel and non slip performance.

• Holds iPhone in landscape or Portrait 
• Built in Sound enhancing speaker ports. 
• Works with Standard iPhone 4 charger plug. 
• Charges while on the stand in portrait. 
• Comes in a variety of colors to complement any taste. 

Rokstand V1 works great with iPhone and iPads.

Rokstand V2:

• Adjustable angles in landscape or portrait 
• Simple stainless steel spring loaded push button adjustment 
• Adjustment arms ride on double sealed 36,000 RPM bearings 
• All CNC machined from Billet 6061 T-6 Aluminum with Anodized finish. 
• Soft rubber Contact surface rings provide a soft feel and non slip performance. 
• Holds iPhone in landscape or Portrait 
• Built in Sound enhancing speaker ports. 
• Works with Standard iPhone 4 charger plug. 
• Charges while on the stand in portrait. 
• Comes in a variety of colors to complement any taste. 
• Includes Padded travel case for convenient storage 

Rokstand V2 works great with iPhone (not intended for iPad usage)

Add even more protection with the Rokform Rokgard  screen protectors for your iPhone 4, 4s and iPad. 

Ultimate Protection
• Does not affect touch screen sensitivity
• Crystal clear view of screen
• Superior protection against scratches & abrasion
• Installs bubble free in minutes
• Residue and adhesive free removal
• Precision cut for a perfect fit
• .0045” thin, fits with most cases
Rokform products are compatible with all iPhone carriers. Designed, engineered and made in the USA. At Rokform LLC you can order with confidence because they stand behind our product and customers 100%. If you are not completely satisfied with the fit and or performance of your Rokbed, or any Rokform product for that matter, you can return it for a full refund. 

Toll Free: 855-765-3676
      International: 714-543-0629

             401 S. Grand Ave.
           Santa Ana, CA 92705

Check out the RokForm Facebook and become a fan for a chance to win some free Rokform products. Click here ==> Facebook/Rokform

Thanks for stopping by join me on Facebook by clicking here ==> Facebook/TCfreestyle

Check out some RokForm videos: 

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Apex Manufacturing Sportbike Clipons

For my 2012 season I have entered into some new partnerships with a few new companies. One of the newest is Apex Manufacturing. Apex is definitely not new to the industry and knows their stuff when it comes to producing a quality product. I was introduced to their products by one of my friends and after a quick look I knew that this product was going to be a great addition to all of my motorcycles, both street and stunt. The extremely universal design that Apex is producing allows comfort in various ways. On my stunt bikes I like a bar that is above the triple clamp with about a 7 degree rise on the bar. With the Apex 4 inch risers I can choose the preferred height of the bar and with the 8 different pin locations to choose from the handle bar becomes fully adjustable from -8 degree to +8 degree. (whatever degree suits you best). I have broken a my wrists in the past so comfort plays a major role in staying in control. 

I have seen people modify their bikes in so many ways just to find that right comfort level. Lowering the front ends to mount bars on top, buying pricey machined triple clamps, buying clipons that are -7 degree and running them flipped, some even only mounting half the clamp onto the fork tube. Some of this stuff is just dangerous. Apex solves allot of these issues.

No matter what type of riding your into on your sportbikes, Apex has a position for you!


  • 9 degree angle with 8 radial adjustable points
  • Machined from 6061 billet aircraft aluminum
  • Universal, no left or right side
  • Two piece clamp separates for easy installation
  • Anodized black
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Bar Length: 9 5/8” (244.4mm)
  • Bar Inner diameter: ¾” (19mm)
  • Bar Outer diameter: 7/8/” (22.2mm)
  • No pre-drilled holes in bars
  • Bars are hollow, with no threads at end of bar


Apex Riser Clip-ons are among the most versatile clip-on available to create optimal riding performance for all types of riding. The unique design allows for simple installation and maximum adjustability so you can spend more time riding in comfort.

The lowest clamp position height is at 1” rise; from there the clamp can be adjusted on the 4” post at any of the higher positions. Some bike models require extended lines/cables in order to achieve the full potential rise.

Machined from 6061 billet aircraft aluminum makes these clip-ons ultra-light and strong for optimal performance.

The bar has a fixed 9° billet angle machined in the end with 8 radial adjustable positions to ensure your perfect custom fit and fine-tuning.

Fasteners are stainless steel. All pieces are anodized black with plastic inserts in the end of the bar. Bars are hollow, with no threads at the end of the bar and no pre-drilled holes.

Clip-ons are universal; there is no left or right side. Product ships pre-assembled.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not entirely satisfied, simply return the product for a full refund.”


Become a fan:

Phone: 734-780-4850 Email:

Check me out on Facebook:

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Freestyle Sportbike Rider Tony Carbajal gives you an inside look at Two Brothers Racing

Then…Craig Erion founded Two Brothers Racing in 1985. It has grown from a factory-backed AMA Superbike team to a world-recognized leader in the sales of aftermarket motorcycle exhaust systems and other high-performance accessories for sporting motorcycles, ATVs, and road bikes. Over the years, TBR has sponsored a number of world-class racers to ride for our team, including three-time Grand Prix world champion Freddie Spencer and former Canadian national champion Steve Crevier. TBR was also chosen by Bridgestone to help develop it’s current line of high performance tires, the Battlax BT series tires. In 1993 TBR won the AMA/CCS GTO National Endurance Championship on Honda’s then fledgling CBR900RR. This was the only national roadracing championship won by Honda that year.

TBR’s growth and penetration into the sport bike parts and accessories business was such that, by the end of the 1993 national road racing season, the decision was made to devote 100% of its energy toward building the business. We haven’t looked back.

Today, TBR continues to expand its operations and product line. Looking for the latest motorcycle exhaust systems for Honda, BMW or Triumph? Need to find the absolute best aftermarket Kawasaki motorcycle parts or the proven, brand-name replacement components you’ve always used on your KTM, Can-AM or Yamaha? As the holder of several key exhaust system patents and exclusive marketing arrangements with performance companies from around the world, TBR is the sportbike specialist you can depend on. 

Hello everyone and thank you all for stopping by. Most of you that have followed my career as a professional freestyle rider know that I have had a long time relationship with Two Brothers Racing. In 2008 Two Brothers Racing released a Tony Carbajal Signature Series Exhaust line that has become a success across the globe. Shipping to destinations as far as Indonesia, Russia and more. TBR products are all over the place and I am honored to be a part of the team. I am currently building my motorcycles that I will be performing on for the season. With so many motorcycle enthusiast out there, I thought it would be great to give some of you an inside look at the making of the Two Brothers Racing Exhaust. Allot of precision time goes into the quality/performance products that Two Brothers Racing offers You can fully customize TBR products from the material of the tube, anodized flange colors, anodized bolt colors, slip ons, full systems and  show you support by adding a Tony Carbajal Signature Series badge as well.  


I hope you all enjoy this video. Visit Two Brothers Racing today and customize something that fits you and your high performance toys today. 

Tune into our Facebook Fan Pages today for your chance to win some free stuff:


Big Thanks to:    Martin Salsberry, Craig Erion, Jeff Whitten & the whole Two Brothers racing crew.

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